Why Wave Energy

Our planet’s perpetual waves have an energy potential of 3 TW, which is more energy than the world’s annual demand. On top of that, the stronger waves that are used as energy sources can be found along every single continent and ocean around the world, proving that wave power generation has no territorial boundaries.

The Best Energy Source for Isolated Islands

While waves have the potential to supply electricity to all coastal areas around the world, wave power is especially meaningful to smaller islands where supplying and transmitting electric power is a complicated process due to lower energy demands. Wave power is the only environmentally sustainable alternative that can offer a better quality of life for people on the numerous remote islands scattered across all continents as well as the island nations of the Pacific and the Atlantic.

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A wave’s energy density is estimated to be much higher than that of wind or solar energy sources, making wave power a more economical and safer energy source.

The Safer Option
with High Energy Density